Suitable Humidity in Serve Room. EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS for global dehumidifiers OEM, ODM.

Suitable Humidity in Serve Room. EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS for global dehumidifiers OEM, ODM.


Suitable Humidity in Serve Room. high efficiency, space saving. Wet film humidifier, dehumidifier, air conditioning dehumidifier.

Suitable Humidity in Serve Room.  EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS for global dehumidifiers OEM, ODM.

Suitable humidity in serve room. 

Nowadays, more and more serve room or control room are arising. Such rooms are like brain of communities and enterprises. Thus, to maintain these rooms in suitable humidity & temperature becomes an important issue to safeguard our communities and enterprises data. 

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The low humidity & dry air will easily cause static electricity, which is harmful to electronic machine. While in the high humidity & wet air environment electronic facilities will prone to tide corrosion.  Therefore, cloud data rooms with a large number of computers, servers and other electronic equipment should pay more attention to the humidity control of a good environment. Depending on the properties of the electronic components, the humidity generally needs to be controlled between 40 and 60%. In normal temperature environments, humidity tends to be above or below this friendship range due to seasonal changes.If the winter dry is less than 30%, the summer temperature is high, the humidity is often as high as more than 80%.So how to control the humidity in the cloud data room is a problem that we need to solve. 

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In some raining season or areas, humidity will be higher than machines can suffer. In this case dehumidifiers will be good choice. It will absorb the moisture in air and condense to drain out. SDI series is designed as industrial dehumidifier and suitable for dehumidifying in serve & control room. SDI-168L can be made and single phase or three phase for your multiple environment requirement. 

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Also in some dry season & areas, we need to control humidity above 40% to avoid machines shock by static electricity. So water film humidifier with its low energy & stable humidifying is widely used in different serve & control rooms.  SDW series water film humidifiers are designed with low energy consuming & high efficiency. Can be used in serve room, woven mills, or even commercial places. Multiple capacity will meet different room requirement. 

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In the serve & control room, not only humidity, but also temperature need to be taken into account. Air conditioner can solve the temperature increase issue in room, but air conditioning dehumidifier can be more suitable to do such task. SDAC series is EAST air conditioning dehumidifier designed for serve room, factory and storage. When dehumidifying, the wind from machine dry & cool to cooling down air.

Here are the basic machines for serve & control room environment maintaining.