Soomthly while moving the compressor facilities

Soomthly while moving the compressor facilities


Move smoothly while taking the refrigerant facilities. Basement dehumidifier.home repair. grow dehumidifier, portable dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, desiccant dehumidifier from EAST dehumidifiers.

Soomthly while moving the compressor facilities

The angle of dehumidifier can not be more than 45°while transportation. Means the vertical angle should be less than 45°.

1. Compressor will be affected: when the dehumidifier is tilted, the compressor inside it is tilted, and the reinforcement of the compressor will also changes.If the force exceeds the limits, it is likely to occur deformation, fracture and other situations, so that it is difficult to give it back.If the power is activated again at this time, the compressor is very likely to "touch the shell", affecting the normal work of the whole dehumidifier.

2. The compressor oil and refrigerant are not stable inside the compressor & refrigerator circulation. When the dehumidifier leans too large, the compressor oil or refrigerant inside it flows. At this time, if you turn on the dehumidifier  immediately, it is likely to cause the dehumidifier refrigeration system block up, the compressor will not only work properly, but also would be burnt.

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So during the daily use or movement of dehumidifiers, please do remember below.

1. Do not tilt the dehumidifier for long time.

2. It should be static for 30 minutes after the dehumidifier transportation. 

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Due to such reasons, EAST product portable dehumidifiers with big wheels. It will be easier and stable for moving. Such as in the flooded home or room. More table to move while the flooded floor is not flat.Thats why people like to use SDP-138L for home repairing. Or even can be used as basement dehumidifier. 

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