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How to place order on EAST dehumidifier manufacturer?

How to place order on EAST dehumidifier manufacturer? It is warmly welcomed to place order on EAST dehumidifier manufacturer. 1. Please check the products on EAST website to find any model meet your request.2. Contact us by chatting, fast quote, email or phone call. To tell us your idea or requirement.  And even you need to customize my unique products, please do not hesitate to let us know.  3. We will  understand your requirement by heart and offer the best solutions for you. 4. The quotation sheet and proforma Invoice will be made by EAST. And you can arrange payment or deposit by information given on proforma invoice. 5. We will start to make your order immediately after receive your payment. And you can receive order status by mail or track on EAST website.

Can I become your distributor in my country?

EAST distributors and cooperated partner Local distributors It is warmly welcomed to be EAST dehumidifier distributor in your local country.  Being a EAST distributor can enjoy different discounts of parts. And local sale leads provided. It is requested to have more than 3 years experience of refrigerant. If not, we will provide some basic knowledge of refrigereant dehumidifiers. So that both distributors and us can be more responsible to ending customers. You can check t EAST distributor to know details more.  

Can I use the dehumidifier for flooded house repairing?

Dehumidifiers for Flooded House Repairing. House Repairing Comparing with rebuilding, repairing the flooded house is less expansive. There are raining seasons in many places over the world. Portable dehumidifiers become the essential part of house repairing tools. You can use portable dehumidifiers to dry the flooded house and furnitures.  And if heater or fans can be used together, the effect will be much better. EAST dehumidifier provides portable or commerical dehumidifiers with different dehumidifications. 

Can I use dehumidifier for cannabis grow?

Yes, most our buyer use ceiling mounted dehumidifiers for cannabis grow. And the feedback is excellent. 

Why do I need a dehumidifier for plant?

Humidity VS Plant Grow Plants need nutrients for growing up. And water carries nutrients to each parts of plant by water transportation. At the same time, the water evaporation helps water transportation inside plant. And the high humidity in the air will decrease water evaporation. In other words, the air humidity will absolutely affect the  transportation of nutrients. Therefore, such as raining, existing water, soil water level and evaporation conditions are the factors will affect the water vapor supply.  The absolute humidity during the year is higher in the rainy season than in the dry season. The change in the absolute humidity during the day is largest in coastal areas and autumn and winter, and the smallest in early morning. In other areas, the two highs appear between 9 and 10 hours and around the day, and the two lows appear before sunrise and afternoon.  The relative humidity is determined by absolute humidity on the one hand, and by air temperature on the other hand. In cold areas and seasons, the air humidity can easily reach saturation, and the relative humidity may be high when when the absolute moisture or water vapor pressure is not too high. The relative humidity is often low in warm areas and seasons under the same absolute humidity conditions.  In this case we need to artificially control the relative humidity to achieve stronger transpiration and plant  thrive.  EAST PLANT GROW DEHUMIDIFIER is a good choice for control the plant humidity. To save each cost you have paid, EAST DEHUMIDIFIER you can well control your plant humidity environment. 

What is the drainage system?

The drainage system of EAST dehumidifiers There are different drainage systems for EAST dehumidifiers. Such as natural drainage system, water tank, water pump and external auto stop float system. In order to achieve the best performance, EAST can also custom make different drainage system as buyer request. Direct natural drainage system of overhead dehumidifier. Optional water tank or direct drainage system of portable dehumidifier. 

What can I do if the dehumidifier frost?

Self-defrost mode Due to the low temperature on evaporator, the moisture need to condense on it. It is likely that the evaporator will frost after long time working in the room with lower temperature.In this case the EAST dehumidifier will stop working automatically and switch into self-defrost mode. The corresponding symbol will be shown on the controller and machine will not dehumidify till the self-defrost mode finish. Do not worry about the machine, just wait and it will back to work after self-defrost mode finish. 

Will dehumidifier frost?

Dehumidifier will frost if working in the working temperature is lower than 18℃ The working temperature of dehumidifier is 5~38℃. And it will frost if the room temperature is lower than 18℃. The principle of dehumidifier is similar as air conditioner, with the auto-defrost system, it can work in condition higher than 5℃. The dehumidification will rely on room temperature. Normally when evaporator temperature will easily meet 0℃ or even lower if room temperature is lower than 18℃. In this condition the water on evaporator will frost.But do not worry,there is auto-defrost system on EAST dehumidifier. It will switch into defrost mode and start to dehumidify once the defrost mode finish. 

Can I use dehumidifier with 24 hours on?

Timing and 24 hours non-stopping dehumidifiers. Thanks to the complete control system of EAST dehumidifiers. It is no problem to keep dehumidifiers 24 hours working or timing. You can set the desired humidity on controlling panel and keep dehumidifiers with 24 hours on. It will stop work automatically once room humidity meet the desired setting. And start to work once room humidity becomes higher.  And you can also set on or off time on controller panel. The dehumidifier will work or stop by your desired time. 

Is there any protecting for compressor?

Complete protection for EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS Complete circuit protections are essential parts of EAST dehumidifiers. The secondary start delay is the basic compressor protection. In case of unstable power supply or frequent on-off operation. The compressor will not immediately start until 3~5 minutes later so that the refrigerant inside and compressor can be in good condition. Besides that, fan off delay protection and low refrigerant pressure indication on screen are also available for EAST dehumidifiers. Fan will continue work for 3~5 minute to release hot air  after compressor off. And in case of terrible conditions, such as high temperature or fan blocks, there will be high pressure inside the refrigerant circulation. The protection mechanism will be also triggered to protect compressor. 

Do I need an air circuit breaker (ACB) for the dehumidifier?

Air Circuit Breakers for dehumidifiers An air Circuit Breaker (ACB) is an electrical device used to provide Over current and short-circuit protection for electric circuits over 800 Amps to 10K Amps. They are widely used for the protection of industrial plants and electrical machines such as air conditioner,  capacitors, generators, and transformers, etc. They are also used at home when total current over 5 amps. You so if you are using dehumidifiers bigger than 90L/D(@RH80%, 30℃), its better to install an air circuit breaker separately for the dehumidifier. Because the starting current of compressor normally 3~5 times than working current.  So it is requested to choose ACB at least 3 times of the dehumidifier working current if your dehumidifier is bigger than 90L/D(@RH80%, 30℃). 

Will the voltage instability affect the dehumidifier?

Voltage instability will be harmful to dehumidifiers Using stale power supply for all electrical appliance is a must. Although EAST can offer appliance with different voltage & frequency. Please make use your voltage is stable and let us know the current power voltage and frequency(50Hz or 60Hz), single phase or there phase  before placing orders. The AC regulator will be needed if your power supply is not stable.  EAST will test all machines with required power supply before packing. Three phase 440V/60Hz 460V/60Hz, 480V/60Hz, 400V/50Hz, 380V/50HZ. single phase 240V/60Hz, 230V/60Hz, 220V/60Hz, 208V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz, 220V/50Hz are all available for EAST Manufacturer. The corresponding power supply testing before shipping is an essential part of EAST quality control system.

Can I clean filter with water?

鼠标左键按住组件库中的组件不放,并拖放到这里放置, 进入组件库 EAST can provide different filters to match different environment EAST can provide different filters as buyers request. Normally we offer nylon filters that are washable. And the non-woven fabric filters are also available for EAST manufacturer. We suggest using vacuum cleaner to clean the filter for longer life. If the filters can not be cleaned due to heavy dust, you can wash them.And you can also buy some spare filters for changing if there is too much dust in the environment. It is suggested to clean filter by 2~4 weeks in order to keep dehumidifiers in good condition. 

Can I open door or windows when dehumidifying?

Its better not. Because if the door or windows open, the wet air will go inside room and seriously affect the dehumidifying efficiency.