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Can I become your distributor in my country?

Yes, of course. Welcome to become our distributor, and please check with our sales department for more distributor regulations.

Can I use the dehumidifier for flooded house repairing?

Yes, you can use portable dehumidifier to dry flooded house, but if your house is seriously flooded, please ask house repair company for more professional help.

Can I use dehumidifier for cannabis grow?

Yes, most our buyer use ceiling mounted dehumidifiers for cannabis grow. And the feedback is excellent. 

Why do I need a dehumidifier for plant?

Plants need to transport nutrients by water move and evaporation. And lower humidity will accelerate the water evaporation and move. So the dehumidifier can lower humidity so that accelerate the water evaporation and move to transport the nutrients.

What is the drainage system?

The direct drainage system is a must. And we can add water pumper or water tank if you request. 

What can I do if the dehumidifier frost?

Do not worry. EAST dehumidifier will self-defrost automatically.

Will dehumidifier frost?

Yes, if the dehumidifier works long time in the low temperature environment,the evaporator will frost.

Can I use dehumidifier with 24 hours on?

Yes, you can set the desire humidity on controlling panel and keep dehumidifier with 24 hours on. It will stop work automatically once room humidity meet the setting. And start to work once room humidity becomes higher. 

Is there any protecting for compressor?

Yes, secondary start delay is the basic compressor protection. Besides that, we have fan off delay protection and low refrigerant pressure indication on screen.

Do I need extra air break for the dehumidifier?

It depends on what kind of dehumidifiers you will use. It is better to install the extra air break if the dehumidification is bigger than 150L/DAY(@RH80%, 30℃).

Will the voltage instability affect the dehumidifier?

Yes, of course. Please make sure the voltage no more than ±10V difference. For more detail please check with our sales service for different dehumidifiers with different voltage requirement. 

Can I clean filter with water?

Yes, you can.We offer normal or non-woven fabric material filters for dehumidifier. Both of them are washable. Please further check if you have any different filter requirement. 

Can I open door or windows when dehumidifying?

Its better not. Because if the door or windows open, the wet air will go inside room and seriously affect the dehumidifying efficiency.

Can I add the ceiling dehumidifier into my HVAC system?

Yes, there are ducts on the inlet and outlet of ceiling mounted dehumidifiers. You can connect them to your HVAC system.