38 L/D Commercial Portable Dehumidifier | Big Wheel Dehumidifier | Dehumidifier With Water Tank | China Portable Dehumidifier Wholesale
38 L/D Commercial Portable Dehumidifier | Big Wheel Dehumidifier | Dehumidifier With Water Tank | China Portable Dehumidifier Wholesale
38 L/D Commercial Portable Dehumidifier | Big Wheel Dehumidifier | Dehumidifier With Water Tank | China Portable Dehumidifier Wholesale

Item specifics

Dehumidifying Type
Refrigeration Technology
Compressor Type
Cooling Capacity
2.13 Kw
Brand Name
EAST Dehumidifer OEM ODM Manufacturing
Zhejiang, China
Brand New



Product Introduction
Dehumidifier | Commercial Use For Home | Warehouse Dehumidifier | Basement Dehumidifier With Pump
EAST SDP series commercial portable dehumidifiers
 are designed to dehumidify multiple areas with portable moving way. The unit can be used in wet, high-temperature environment with it's frame constructured machine body with anti-corrosion painting, solid and long working life. The unit is opened for developing different drainage method, such as continuous drain with tube, water tank and condensing pump, that depends on the different area you are going to dehumidify. Big size rubber wheel and thick strong handle make it moving easily, flexible unitversal wheels steering system, you can use it in the area like basement, living room, untility room, storage room, kitchen etc. Just leave it alone working automatically because it has an intelligent controller set up on the machine, it will stop working when the ambient humidity reach the humidity you set on the machine, and start working when the ambient humidity raise over the set humidity.It all metal plate strong frame structure body for long working life without transformer or rusty, world famous brand compressor with big cooling capacity, daily water removal capacity from 30 pints up to 150 pints at condition of 80℉, RH60%.
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EAST dehumidifier portable production line
EAST manufacturer owns  3 production lines for different model series.  To ensure productivity and working efficiency, the suitable production line should be fixed in a scientific way. Less workers and  more automatically quality control  will guarantee EAST quality. 
Product Detailed Parameters
Machine Model : SDP-38L
Model No.
Cooling Capacity
2200 W
7,200 BTU
Water Removal Capacity
@30℃, RH80%, 24hrs
80 pints
Supply Voltage
208~240V or 110~120V
Rated Power
0.55 Kw
Rated Amps
2.5 A
Air Volume 
295 CFM
Working Temperature
Humidity Range
Net Dimensions
17.7" x15.8" x 30.0"
Packed Dimensions
21.7" x19.7" x 37.8"
Rubber wheel size
Universal wheel size
Applying Area
200~300 Sqft
Net Weight
72 Lbs
Gross weight
95 Lbs
Static Pressure
20~40 Pa
Product Details 
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Solid Machine:
Firm frame metal plate structure
Big Rubber Wheels: 
6”wheels will be silent and stable moving performance.
humidity absorber for room
dehumidifier for swimming pool
Big Water Tank:
Big size water tank for long time working. Options with both tube drainage and tank water collecting. 
Big Heat Exchanger: 
Surfficient heat Exchanger to guarantee the refrigerant system working at the highest efficiency.
commercial ducted dehumidifier
best dehumidifier for greenhouse
Highly Efficiency:
World famous brand compressor for highly working efficiency and best cooling capacity. 
Intelligent controller: 
Smart dehumidifier controller with 24 hours unattended operation mode. 
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Parameter Capacity of Bulk Production
dehumidifier for industrial use
heavy duty dehumidifier
portable humidifier
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Packing And Logistics
residential dehumidifiers
Packaging And Shipping
Wood packing is a must for dehumidifiers international shipping. To port or door, get flexible, reliable and affordable shipping solutions that fit your business. 
What we can do for you?
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Our Services
    • We provide 12 months warranty for whole unit. If any problem due to our quality within 12 month, please send photo or video to us, we will send the broken parts to you free. 
    • We provide 36 months warranty for the compressor. 
    • The single serise number of each machine can be kept in EAST system, so that we can trace the production source. 
If the above model is not suitable for your workpiece, please tell us your need and then we can send you the most satisfying drawing.
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