240 L/D Industrial Dehumidifier | Ducted Dehumidifier | Greenhouse Dehumidifier | Heavy Duty Dehumidifiers For Sale
240 L/D Industrial Dehumidifier | Ducted Dehumidifier | Greenhouse Dehumidifier | Heavy Duty Dehumidifiers For Sale
240 L/D Industrial Dehumidifier | Ducted Dehumidifier | Greenhouse Dehumidifier | Heavy Duty Dehumidifiers For Sale
240 L/D Industrial Dehumidifier | Ducted Dehumidifier | Greenhouse Dehumidifier | Heavy Duty Dehumidifiers For Sale
240 L/D Industrial Dehumidifier | Ducted Dehumidifier | Greenhouse Dehumidifier | Heavy Duty Dehumidifiers For Sale

Item specifics

Ceiling / Wall Mounted
Dehumidifying Type
Refrigeration Technology
Compressor Type
Cooling Capacity
7.5 Kw
Brand Name
EAST Dehumidifier OEM ODM Manufacturing
Zhejiang, China
Brand New



EAST SDD Serise dehumidifier
EAST SDD serise Grow Room Dehumidifiers are designed for cultivation, ware house, green house, basement, swimming pool with over head installation. They utilize world-famous compressor, big heat exchanger and centrifugal fan to achieve maximum dehumidifying efficiency and performance. Not only to save the energy consumption, but also to save owners’ investment cost. 

Different dehumidification capacity will match different cultivation size.  The largest model SDD-960L can meet dehumidification 2020 pints/day (960L/D) at environment 86℉ RH80%. It is widely used for controlling humidity while cultivating cash crops in North America. 

Thickened frame metal body is designed for long life installation on ceiling. Saving each floor space for cultivation. Duct kits can be connected on both inlet and outlet. 

The accurate humidity controller is already fixed with comprehensive logic circuit. Plants  have different humidity requirements with different growth periods. Setting different humidity requirements at different growth periods will maximuize fruitful performance.    Owners do not need additional  cost to buy controllers again. On the other hand, the third-party controller system can be connected to SDD OEM models if requested in advance. 

The optional filters are available for SDD series. Normal filters, medium efficiency filters or high efficiency filters can be chosen for different branding requirements. 

EAST dehumidifier manufacturer is open for all world branding buyer to OEM and ODM.  Private controller pannel, own logo print, extra function combination, whole production supervision are all available.

Greenhouse Dehumidifier

Firm frame metal plate body

dehumidifier energy efficient
Clear design and crafts
de humidifier

Long life centrifugal motor

Parameter  SDD-240L
ahu dehumidifier
Cooling Capacity
28,000 BTU
Water Removal Capacity
@30℃, RH80%, 24hrs
500 Pints
Supply Voltage
Rated Power
3.5 Kw
3.5 Kw
Rated Amps
16 A
16 A
Air Volume @ 0.0" ,CFM
Static Pressure
50~80 Pa
50~80 Pa
Working Temperature
Humidity Range (RH)
Net Dimensions
43.3" x 35.4" x 27.6"
Packed Dimesions
46.9" x 33.9" x 39"
Net Weight
278 Lbs
Gross Weight
330 Lbs
Air Inlet Flange Size
21.8" x 23.8"
Air Outlet Flange Size
21.8" x 23.8"
Applying Area
2000~3500 Sqft
SDD-240L Manuals Download
air purifier humidifier dehumidifier

The standard manuals in English version are provided by EAST manufacturer. You can add your own logo or share your requirement to supplement the manuals and any other instructions. 

The specifications can be also provided as well as logo printing, name plate making. 

Buyers' own manuals or instructions are also welcomed. 

The whole production process can be supervised by videos or photos or formal inspection report.  

Production order tracking system makes your business easier. 
dry room dehumidifier
Plant Grow humidity control
Suitable humidity is essential for plants
aire dehumidifier
Warehouse humidity control 
To ensure your goods at warehouse in nice humidity condition.
Capacity of Bulk Production
grow dehumidifier
desiccant dehumidification
Principle of Dehumidifier
how to operate a dehumidifier
The priciple of air circulation.
The wet air will be drawn into the machine and passed through the heat exchanger. So the moisture in the air will be condensed into water on the condenser and dry air will be released out of the dehumidifier. 

The principle of refrigerant.

High pressure refrigerant liquid enters into the evaporator after throttling by capillary. The refrigerant is evaporated as low temperature and low pressure gas by absorbing thermal from air after heat exchange. The low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas is inhaled into the compressor, after compressor compressing, the gas become high temperature high pressure refrigerant gas and get into the condenser. Then the refrigerant gas get into the condenser, after heat dissipation, the refrigerant gas become high pressure refrigerant liquid. Above is a complete cycle of refrigerating after repeating.

Packaging And Shipping
a dehumidifier
Packaging And Shipping
Wood packing is a must for dehumidifiers international shipping. To port or to door, get flexible, reliable and affordable shipping solutions that fit your business. 

*Fixing with screw on plywood for stable transportation. 

* Wrapped with poly to prevent scratching. 

*Reserved forklift holes at bottom of carton. 

* FOB, CIF, DDP intercoms are welcomed. 
After-Sales Guarantee
cooling dehumidifier

  • We provide 12 months warranty for whole unit. If any problem due to our quality within 12 month, please send photo or video to us, we will send the broken parts to you free. 
  • We provide 36 months warranty for the compressor. 
  • The single serise number of each machine can be kept in EAST system, so that we can trace the production source. 
  • We will provide paid parts service after warranty period. 
  • The VIP price of spare parts will be provided for EAST distributors and members.